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Does Marimaz Provides consultation about products?

We usually give recommendations about products and brands that are well known in the market and meet the budget and quality requested or near to explanation.

Why do we need assistance from Marimaz?

Our Worldwide contact and sister companies give us the ability to make the target easier in seeking the best need in any donation project or organizational project.

Where does Marimaz market focus?

We work on the world wide market but mainly our focus is to serve the MINA Reagon.

Do you provide multiple types of PPE?

Yes we do provide all sorts and types of PPE that serves all kind of fields that need protective eqiupment.

Do you do the packaging and clearance of Food Parcel Kits?


our team prepares the parcels fully from A to Z including Customs Clearance.

How can we order or request a deal?

you can easily reach us via phone or contact us through our official website.

How much time expected to reply in case of sending an inquiry?

We answer instantly via phone, and usually, it takes 24 hours to answer emails through our web form.

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