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Food Parcel Kit

Pre-assembled, ready-to-distribute food parcels.

Type of food is determined by beneficiaries’ food habits (i.e., in some countries spaghetti is not accepted because it is unsuitable to local cooking habits).

The type of food is also determined by the intervention timeframe. At the beginning of an operation, food must be free from animal products.

All food parcel contents must be free from culturally-restricted components.

The impact in terms of availability and prices on the local, national or regional markets should be carefully studied prior to purchasing large quantities.

Specifications for food items vary according to national regulations. Food importation is always subject to national authority approval, based on national specifications.

The specifications must be adapted to each context.

Hygiene Kit

Our Hygiene Kit provides dignity to an individual by providing them with the essentials to start their day right. These Kits can be donated to almost any program; homeless shelter, street outreach program, youth program, after-school drop-in, patient care, etc.

Examples of Hygiene Kit items that can be included:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shave gel, deodorant, comb, razor, lip balm, facecloth, bandages, hand sanitizer, tissues, nail clippers, hair ties, and feminine hygiene products (tampons and pads).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protecting ourselves so that we can continue to help others, is a priority for health care providers around the world. This includes being conscious and up to date with infection prevention and control measures and the appropriate implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene, and waste management of potentially harmful materials.